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Fiber Art

When I work with fiber, my focus is primarily on weaving, felt making, and Kumihimo braiding. I love the way these ancient art forms are so adaptable to a contemporary aesthetic. Color, texture, and interlacement are the constants of design throughout time and geography. Whether creating wearable art or decorative art, working in this medium ties me to countless other generations who have worked with textiles since the beginning of time. I like to work in a crossover style. Meaning thinking of a medium in unusual and unexpected ways. Pushing the limits of the fiber or the process. It doesn’t always work, however some of my “mistakes” have turned into some of my best work! Besides the process of experimentation can lead to the greatest surprises! And who doesn’t love a surprise? Click here to view gallery

Fused Plastic "New Life for the Old Bag"
An Eco Art Collection

When is a plastic bag a quilt, or a collage, or even a three dimensional sculpture? When Palmyra, Wisconsin mixed media artist, Donna Tronca, decides to fuse, cut, weave, paint, and stitch the very same bubble wrap and plastic we toss out with the trash.

She has created a body of work based on the principles of "eco art," where each piece is constructed using reused and recycled materials in ways normally reserved for fabric. Her approach is to create something with which you may be familiar, from something you wouldn't expect.

That fish sculpture with shimmering scales may actually be made from bubble wrap. Look closely at that colorful quilt wall hanging or that origami kimono, and under the surface you may discover a "recycle" icon and perhaps promotional statements from plastic shopping bags.

"I don't believe plastic is going away," Donna states, "I've decided to utilize the positive aspects of the material while doing my part to keep it out of the landfill." So with a commitment to recycling, and a nod toward humor, her creations will bring a smile, as well as a curious second look.

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I have incorporated my love for weaving and interlacement with my love for photography. I weave many of my photographs to create more texture and give a different dimensional effect. I am drawn to images in nature. How extraordinary they seem to me, but then I realize they are a regular occurrence throughout the seasons. I guess that fact is the most extraordinary of all! Click here to view gallery

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